Tori Howard, CYT

“I welcome you to the sacred science, art, and practice of yoga. May your practice bring you home.”
Donna Farhi
I first came to yoga as a way to relieve the stress of everyday life and realized that yoga was much more than an athletic workout to relieve stress. It brought me a sense of balance and calm I had never felt before. I decided to further my practice by trying different styles of yoga. I settled into a Hatha Vinyasa style yoga and decided to share this love with others by becoming a certified yoga instructor.
I teach a challenging, invigorating but light-hearted class blending the physical with an emphasis on the mental and spiritual facets of the practice.

Fun & Fearless Vinyasa Flow
An intermediate class beginning with a centering and flow opening, this class will build on itself through creative variations on surya namaskar, asanas, pranayama and a closing meditation. Throughout the class you will smile and sweat through inspired and intelligent asana while having space to focus on the key alignment of those postures and breathe into them.

Light & Love Yoga Flow

Set a meaningful intention for this class, and let the universe be your guide. Be inspired as you are lead through an uplifting and spiritually-centered vinyasa flow yoga class that speaks to the wellbeing of Spirit within and without. We will use our body, breath, and unified intentions to contribute to individual healing and worldwide harmony.