Stephanie Anne Sirico, RYT

Budokon Yoga

What is Budokon: Budokon (bu-do-kon) translates directly in Japanese as (Bu) warrior, (Do)
way, (Kon) spirit – or “way of the spiritual warrior.” Budokon is a yogic, martial arts and living
arts system. Founded in 2000 by yogic and marital arts master Cameron Shayne, Budokon  is the first
and only art form to integrate yoga, martial arts, and meditation into one complete system.

Workshop #1:   Budokon Basics

This is the perfect class for anyone brand new or just getting started with the Budokon Practice.  Students will cover the fundamental techniques that comprise the system at a slow and steady pace.  The theme of this class is slowing down to master the basics.  All Levels Welcome.

Workshop #2:  Budokon Flow & Flexibility
This class is breaking molds and traditional perceptions of Hatha yoga.  Budokon’s dynamic blend of traditional yoga asana and martial arts builds upon the yoga practitioners base of knowledge of traditional  hatha yoga while challenging the practitioner to push past conventional yogic practices.  If you love power of vinyasa flow yoga and want to see their evolutionary potential, this is the class for you.  This class opens hips and shoulders while cultivation a power core.  All levels welcome.