Shane Chikeles

Shane Chikeles is a professional musician that has been playing around the world with local and national acts since 1995.  

Shane is known for his previous work with the well known rock band The Ataris which he did extensive touring with worldwide as well as performing with on the Craig Ferguson show (CBS Late Nite).  He also played with the progressive indie band Joshua and is currently playing drums for the New York based indie rock band Park Ranger. 

Always trying to stay musically diverse in his playing, he’s played many different styles of music from metal to country and even polka in the studio and live. 

Continuing on with that thirst for diversity and learning more about different types of music he has recently discovered a new passion- Middle Eastern hand drumming. 

He’d Like to see just how far he can take playing the doumbek and above all to have a lot of fun doing it!

Drumming for Bellydance with Shane!

Come learn the traditional middle eastern rhythms that are best for bellydancers! Refine technique and enjoy a fun jam on your doumbek or djembe!  Bellydancers are encouraged to take this class as it will greatly improve your ability to dance to the music!


Bellydance Class to Live Drumming with Elizabeth and Shane! 

Ever wonder where that magic came from that crops up between a dancer and a drummer?! 

Well come to this workshop and find out! We will work on developing that wordless dialogue between the music and dance/drummer and dancer!

In this class we will be exploring how to create a dynamic drum solo while improvising with a drummer!

Experience the joy and thrill of dancing to live music (drummers from the first workshop are welcome and encouraged to stay and play for the bellydancers) and improve your improvisational skills!