Sara Gallmann, RYT

Sara Gallmann, E-RYT, is a 200 hour certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching yoga in the northern NJ area for the last 12 years.
A Yogini for most of her adult life, her studies became focused in the early 1990s and she received her teaching certification in 1998. Sara has an extensive background in fitness, receiving her Professional Aerobic Instructor certification from AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and her Personal Trainer Certification from ACE (American Council on Exercise) as well as an additional Mind/Body Integration specialty from ACE.
She has taught aerobics, step aerobics, body sculpt and various other specialty classes for the last 30 years and still incorporates her fitness training into various creative fitness fusion classes. Most recently she has created a yoga program incorporating hula hooping - Hoops & Yoga©.
Sara is trained and certified in Reiki and Reflexology. Along with yoga and fitness, Sara has also pursued a lifelong love of music and is a singer/musician. Having received her B.A. in Music/Fine Arts she has found a great outlet for her talents and studies as a performer, presenter/promoter and is the founder of Music at the Mission, a non-profit organization that presents concerts and open mics in West Milford, NJ, as well as host to several other musical events. She regularly sings and performs in various musical projects in the area. Sara is originally from Maryland but has lived in West Milford, NJ since 1980 with her husband and three children.

Hoops & Yoga - This will be a fun workshop combining "hooping" and yoga. What is "hooping"? "Hooping” is a term for hula hooping with large,customized hoops. Hooping is way more fun than the hula hooping you remember as a child, because the bigger and heavier the hoop, the slower it rotates around your body. This means that even if you think you can’t hoop, with one of these hoops, you can! Everybody can hoop regardless of age, size or sense of rhythm. Hooping improves overall balance, improves cardio and endurance, alleviates stress, keeps your core flexible, and burns anywhere from 200-500 calories per hour! Hooping also addresses the principals of grounding, centering, breathing and being present, making it the perfect compliment to a yoga practice. We will incorporate these principals, as well as yoga asana into this workshop.

Yoga Lab - Everything you always wanted to know about your yoga practice but were afraid to ask!!! Using our bodies as the "laboratory", we will use our sensory perceptions, mind and body to dissect and examine "under the microscope" yoga postures and principals. After many years of teaching various populations, I have discovered that many students truly don't know how to do many routine asanas that are commonly incorporated into many yoga styles. They would just skip them or "fake it' through them, too embarrassed to admit they didn't know how to do the pose. We will break these poses down to allow each participant to learn and discover how to safely incorporate these asanas into their routine. This will be an exploration of basic poses and principals with lots of interaction, questioning, and hands-on practice time. This workshop is appropriate for all levels - especially beginners.