Kristin Damstetter

Kristin is an art teacher and hoop dance performer from Buffalo, NY. She first learned about Hoop-Dancing while living in Los Angeles, CA. Upon moving back to Buffalo, NY she started the Buffalo Hula Hoop Group. The Buffalo Hula-Hoop Group is a group where local hoop dancers can collaborate, meet up, and practice in a shared space. Kristin has been Hoop-Dancing for 6 years now, performs at local events, and teaches hoop dancing classes and workshops. When she isn't teaching she prefers landscape painting, practicing yoga and gardening.

Workshops she will be teaching:

"Introduction to Hula-Hooping"
This introductory Hula-Hooping workshop is fun for every one of all ages. A limited number of Hula-Hoops are provided to use; but if you have one feel free to bring your own. Come experience a state of child-like bliss while learning or re-learning the art of Hula-Hooping. As a beginner, you will learn to successfully keep a hoop up on your waist and how to recover it using three different techniques. Within time you will learn to hoop and walk or even join in on the relay race!

"Hooping with Kristin"
If you're new to Hula-Hooping or are already an experienced Hooper and are looking for some exercise, this workshop is for you! Hula Hooping is a low-impact cardio exercise that strengthens the core muscles. We will play around with fun & sassy dance moves that are sure to get you smiling and your heart pumping! This is an introductory workshop to hoop dancing exercise, aimed towards enthusiastic beginners. Come ready to dance!