Erika Dixon and and Crystal Leo of the YogaSlackers

Erika Dixon

Yoga was planted deep within Erika’s heart 13 years ago when she first
began her college career. Since then she has nourished this seed with
trainings from all over the world including Interdisciplinary Yoga
with Don and Amba Stapleton, Yin Yoga and Meditation with Sarah
Powers, Buddhist Psychology with Jennifer Welwood, Massage Therapy at
CT Center for Massage Therapy, Kids Yoga with Karma Kids Yoga NYC, and
SlackAsana (yoga on the slackline) with her YogaSlackers family in CA.

Erika fuels her own teaching practice with a genuine passion for life,
learning, possibility, and adventure. As a devout humanitarian she is
currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Social Work. Having
a vision of increased integration within the field of psychotherapy
and yoga, she hopes to create her own blend of mindfulness based yoga
practices and psychotherapy in order to develop an immutable
coalescence between the two. With heartfelt devotion, Erika aspires
to share her playful spirit with all that she encounters in life.
Driven by her innate desire to help others, she hopes to help
facilitate authentic healing and positive change within the world in a
playful way, one deep breath, smile, and giggle at a time.

Crystal Leo

Crystal came to yoga in 2007, developing her practice independently thru books and self determination. Although she had never set foot in a yoga class, she had a strong desire to share the practice with others. In 2008 she became 200 hour Yogaworks certified under the teaching of Natasha Rizopolous. In the years that followed she was faced with the unexpected challenges of teaching; struggling to bring her playful, energetic attitude and her love for the practice together in her classes. Looking for an alternative way to feed her practice, she took her first Redefining Balance workshop with Adi Carter and Holly Coles. Slacklining and Handstanding her way thru a whole new practice literally turned her perspective upside-down and fueled the desire for more fun and play. In 2011 she completed the Yogaslackers teacher training. Blessed with the voice of Jason Magness constantly in her ear, she learned the importance of discovering our edges and pushing past them, to realize what lies within

What is Slackline Yoga?

Slackline yoga (or slackasana) has been described as "distilling the
art of yogic concentration." To balance on a 1" peice of webbing
lightly tensioned between two trees is not easy, and doing yoga poses
on it is even more challenging. Yet despite the seemingly impossible
nature of the act, it is acheivable by almost anyone with a little bit
of perserverance and patience. The practice has many layers,simultaneously developing focus, dynamic balance, power, breath, core

integration, flexibility, and confidence.


Flip and Coco of the YogaSlackers come to Finger Lakes Yoga Festival!!!

Erika Dixon (Flip), and Crystal Leo (Coco) met during their
YogaSlacker certification program in May 2011. Since then, they’ve
assisted numerous events with their YogaSlacker gurus, Adi Carter, Sam
Salwei, Dan Norgard, Chelsey Magness, and Jason Magness
( across the United States including Kripalu,
Wanderlust VT, and Wanderlust CA. Bringing their playful spirit into
their teachings, Erika and Crystal will cheerfully evoke an
exploratory and inquisitive journey towards and past perceived
limitations that we tend to hold on to, all while playing on the

Come play with the YogaSlackers in the Slackline area at the Festival!