Elizabeth Muise

As a graduate of Alfred University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and minor in dance, Elizabeth is now pursuing a life as a dancer and yoga instructor.  With nineteen years of dance experience, Elizabeth has explored many styles such as Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, Butoh, and African.  Middle Eastern Dance, her true passion, has been an area of focus in most recent years.  Fusing traditional middle eastern dance movements with modern sensibilities, as well as drawing from her training in art, Elizabeth has a unique brand of Tribal Fusion Bellydance.  She has been described as playful, elegant, graceful, powerful, and passionate, as she accesses this sensual art form with sophistication and class.  She has taught at the Starwood Festival and performed at the New York Renaissance Faire, Wicked Faire, RenCon, Steampunk Worlds Fair, Finger Lakes Yoga Festival and Alex Grey’s CoSM to name a few!  Hailing from the Hudson Valley NY, Elizabeth is looking forward to teaching and performing around the world as she travels to share this important art form!  She likes to keep it classy and sassy and shake it ancient!!


“The towering Big Apple dancer showed a lot of seasoned poise and grace for a soloist, dressed in Indigo gothic white for her tribal fusion dance with an angel’s touch. Slow, fluid and trance worthy, Elizabeth gave reason to believe that tribal fusion bellydance in the Big Apple is ready to turn the page past its initial exodus and approach a public next chapter of entertainers for the future.” - Brandon, Raqs America 2009 


“Elizabeth has a quality in her dance that is powerful and magnificent, while also being tender and fragile.” -Anonymous, Cincinnati performance 2009

Bellydance Class to Live Drumming with Elizabeth and Shane! 

Ever wonder where that magic came from that crops up between a dancer and a drummer?! 

Well come to this workshop and find out! We will work on developing that wordless dialogue between the music and dance/drummer and dancer!

In this class we will be exploring how to create a dynamic drum solo while improvising with a drummer!

Experience the joy and thrill of dancing to live music (drummers from the first workshop are welcome and encouraged to stay and play for the bellydancers) and improve your improvisational skills!  

Sacred Movement with Elizabeth Muise

Dancing the Ecstatic

Intro/ Level 1

In this workshop we will be covering basic middle eastern dance movements.  Through bellydance, we will 

internalize sacred symbols such as the circle and the figure eight (infinity), embody the elements, and roll through all of the chakras of the body.  Bellydance naturally opens a channel from the earth through our 

bodies to the divine.  Join me, as we connect to the earth, our bodies, our inner selves, to each other, and the sacred through the power of this beautiful art and ancient dance.

Each class will begin and end with gentle yoga. No need to show bellies! Please bring water!