Bria Tavakoli, CYT

Bria Tavakoli often tell her students that Yoga didn't come naturally to her. She had to try it many times to find a movement style and teacher who "clicked." Then she found Yoga4Soul, an athletic, dynamic Yoga technique. Bria says, "Now, I can imagine my life without Yoga. I teach classes that are compassionately challenging, creatively sequenced, safe, and fun. I love weaving forms of movements from other areas of life, like dance, travel, nature, into the Yoga sequencing." Bria is based in Manhattan,and leads retreats in the region and around the world. 

Yoga Earth Goddess Flow: Using grounded bandha work and powerful pranayama, we will build warmth and awareness and weave this liberating energy into smooth, flowing, undulating Vinyasa sequencing that pays homage to the Earth, birds, and of course,  Goddesses (of the mythic kind, not of the Charlie Sheen kind). Circular and non-linear movements, some influenced by Belly Dance and other archetypal movement forms, will make this class fun, invigorating, and freeing.

Yin-Yang Vinyasa: The first 45 minutes of this class are a traditional Vinyasa class, with both flowing through poses and some grounded, centering work involving longer holds in standing postures. The second half is restorative and Yin Yoga-based, utilizing props and long holds in poses to deeply release the muscles and fascia and promote a restful, healing, state that culminates in a peaceful savasana and a more-blissful-than usual post-Yoga high.