Allison Rutherford, CYT

Allison Rutherford is a Dancer, Musician, and Owner of Stardancer Productions. Allison has been dancing since she could walk; starting with ballet and tap and continuing with various world dance techniques of Bellydance, Salsa Dance, African Dance, and Tahitian Dance. She sings and plays percussion with The Now and One Love Devotional Chant. It is her purpose and joy to share Kundalini Rising, a collective journey of inner exploration, utilizing music and movement to open and activate the chakras.

Kundalini Rising
Kundalini Rising is a unique form of movement and sound therapy that allows for healing and freedom from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. Live world music combined with guided and freeform movements brings your attention to each chakra; allowing for an opening and activation of each chakra. The journey closes with a meditation to align with our Higher Self and know our true purpose.