Neid*Fyre –noun [nide-fahyuh r]
Spontaneous Combustion
A fire ceremonially generated by intense friction between two pieces of wood. (Old English)
A red-haired fiddler player/vocalist having a grand time performing across the country at various festivals and faires, playing jigs and reels at a breakneck pace and singing as often as possible.
I am the woman behind NeidFyre, Mel Ginsberg-Stevens. A Long Island transplant living in Upstate New York, I've been enamoured of Celtic music for longer than I can remember. My passion for playing the violin began nearly 30 years ago, and I've been singing since I was a child.

Through the years, and many musical incarnations, I've been privileged to perform with a wide variety of talented artists since 2000. In 2002 the muse struck and I was inspired to venture out to give life to my own artistic projects. NeidFyre, the solo artist, was born.

While college may have brought me to the area, opportunity kept me here. As NeidFyre I've been thrilled at the performance opportunities I've been blessed with in Upstate New York and the surrounding areas. From traditional to more contemporary to outright humorous, all of my music is performed with gusto and tailored to your needs. Appropriate for all ages, I enjoy serenading as much as raising people’s heels with a jig. It is this excitement that I bring to every performance.