Elizabeth Muise, Shane Chikeles, and Jezebel Wood

Middle Eastern dance and percussion 

Blending traditional Middle Eastern music and dance with modern sensibilities , Shane Chikeles and Elizabeth Muise bring you a performance that is dramatic, bold, comedic and fun! Elizabeth and Shane display a wide range of talents as they play exciting dumbek duets, entertain you with classy drumming with sassy sword dances, and inspire you with haunting guitar melodies and passionate veil dances. They love to travel, teaching and performing, as they bring you comedy, class, and a little bit of sassafrass!

Shane Chikeles
Shane is a professional musician that has been playing around the world with local and national acts since 1995. Shane is known for his previous work with the well known rock band The Ataris which he did extensive touring with worldwide as well as performing with on the Craig Ferguson show (CBS Late Nite). He also played with the progressive indie band Joshua and is currently playing drums for the New York based indie rock band Park Ranger.
Always trying to stay musically diverse in his playing, he’s played many different styles of music from metal to country and even polka in the studio and live. Continuing on with that thirst for diversity and learning more about different types of music he has recently discovered a new passion- Middle Eastern hand drumming. He’d Like to see just how far he can take playing the doumbek and above all to have a lot of fun doing it!

Sarah "Jezebel" Wood
Tribal Fusion Artist Sarah "Jezebel" Wood is a new arrival to New York Bellydance scene. She moved to the Hudson River Valley from Boston to follow her heart and work for visionary artist Alex Grey/ CoSM. Upon arriving she was welcomed into the Solstice Studio community by artistic director Sera Solstice and worked with Solstice Dance Ensemble fastidiously her first year in New York. She has also appeared in three of Sera's instructional videos; The Foundations of Bellydance, Lunar Bellydance and Solar Bellydance. Sarah teaches weekly at Solstice Studio and the in the Hudson Valley area.
Sarah loves to nurture and cultivate the deep creative beauty and strength that we each hold as dancers and envisions dance as fluid meditation where our bodies are the catalyst to experience higher levels of consciousness.
Before tuning in to the Tribal Fusion movement Sarah spent a considerable amount of time in the Goth/Industrial scene where she explored gothic subculture and movement as a performer and go go dancer at club Man Ray. Later on Sarah tasted a bit of the Burlesque scene performing with the Boston Babydolls in Miss Exotic World and Viva Las Vegas. She has also studied traditional Indian dance: Bharatanatyam, and spends many a summer adventure in the shamanistic fire circle community. Sarah has studied and performed Bellydance with Sera Solstice, Solstice Ensemble, Shakti Rowan, Vadalna, and Naraya and taken workshops from Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Zafira, Unmata and Jill Parker.
Sarah frequently and infrequently performs alongside musical talent Incus, HuDost, and Copal. She is available for performance, workshops and private lessons. 

Elizabeth Muise
As a graduate of Alfred University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and minor in dance, Elizabeth is now pursuing a life as a dancer and yoga instructor. With nineteen years of dance experience, Elizabeth has explored many styles such as Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, Butoh, and African. Middle Eastern Dance, her true passion, has been an area of focus in most recent years. Fusing traditional middle eastern dance movements with modern sensibilities, as well as drawing from her training in art, Elizabeth has a unique brand of Tribal Fusion Bellydance. She has been described as playful, elegant, graceful, powerful, and passionate, as she accesses this sensual art form with sophistication and class. She has taught at the Starwood Festival and performed at the New York Renaissance Faire, Wicked Faire, RenCon, Steampunk Worlds Fair, Finger Lakes Yoga Festival and Alex Grey’s CoSM to name a few! 
 Hailing from the Hudson Valley NY, Elizabeth is looking forward to teaching and performing around the world as she travels to share this important art form! She likes to keep it classy and sassy and shake it ancient! “The towering Big Apple dancer showed a lot of seasoned poise and grace for a soloist, dressed in Indigo gothic white for her tribal fusion dance with an angel’s touch. Slow, fluid and trance worthy, Elizabeth gave reason to believe that tribal fusion bellydance in the Big Apple is ready to turn the page past its initial exodus and approach a public next chapter of entertainers for the future.” - Brandon, Raqs America 2009. 
“Elizabeth has a quality in her dance that is powerful and magnificent, while also being tender and fragile.” -Anonymous, Cincinnati performance 2009.