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2014 Workshop Schedule

Workshop Schedule - 2014

Workshop Tent #1

2 p.m. Easy, Light and Fun (ELF) Yoga with Christopher Grant 
4 p.m. Into the Mystic with Shannon O’Connor

9 a.m. Yoga for Better Digestion with Raya Ioffe
11 a.m. Glitter Goddess Flow with Melissa Weiner
2 p.m. The Yoga of Mantra, Sound & Chanting with Beth-Ann Wise
4 p.m. Let Your Yoga Dance with Jody Kessler

9 a.m. Headstands with Juliette Pellegrino
11 a.m. From Root to Crown with Jody Kessler
2 p.m. Salsa Yoga with Dana Rose DeFrancesco
4 p.m. Yoga of Nutrition with Raya Ioffe

9 a.m. Tones of Yoga with Adam Barker and Ki-Tun
11 a.m. Strong Abs/Safe Spine with Alexis Pierce
2 p.m. Everything is: Meditation in the Field with Kate Chesebrough

Workshop Tent #2
4 p.m. Is This Seat Taken? with Beth-Ann Wise

9 a.m. Going Deep with Carie Salberg
11 a.m. Hula Hoop Basics with Dena Beratta
2 p.m. Powered by Opposites ABC’s with Dana Rose DeFrancesco
4 p.m. Hips & Twists with Shannon O’Connor

9 a.m. 7 Ways Not to Breathe with Alexis Pierce
11 a.m. Yoga for Self-Respect with Rachael Renzi
2 p.m. Yoga with Adam Barker
4 p.m. You are: Yoga in the Field with Kate Cheseborough

9 a.m. Flow with Music with Carie Salberg
11 a.m. Clearing out the Junk Drawer with Juliette Pellegrino
2 p.m. Shakti Naam Yoga Therapy with Christopher Grant

Updated 8/9/14

Clearing out the Junk Drawer - with Juliette Pellegrino
Hip Opening as a Path to De-cluttering our Emotional Pathways. The pelvic girdle is the seat of long-held emotions in each of our ever-changing bodies. Explore the ways your body responds to everything from the most basic of hip openers to the deeper stretches that not only challenge your body, but your mind as well. In this workshop, we will work on calling attention to and strengthening the muladhara (root) and svadisthana (sacral) chakras. Through creating balance in these chakras, we can become grounded, comfortable in our own identities, and inherently creative. No prior yoga experience is necessary to attend this workshop. Just bring your mat and an open heart. 

Easy, Light and Fun Yoga (ELF YOGA) - with Christoper Grant
ELF Yoga is a holistic, joyful expression of yoga, drawing from a variety of ancient and modern yoga styles and techniques.  This class is perfect for those new to yoga, while offering opportunities for enrichment and deepening practice to those who have been practicing for many years.  Each class is unique and combines mindful movements, beneficial breathing, simple stretching and quiet meditations to calm the mind.  Our environment is warm and welcoming to people of all ages and body types.  Participants leave class refreshed, renewed, and ready to re-engage their lives.

Everything Is: Meditation in the Field - with Kate Chesebrough
Simple and profound practice for anyone. Learn how to approach and integrate meditation into your practice. We open the body with movement and breath. A short meditation: sitting, breathing, being present. Become aware of how you are in this moment. We get up after a time to move, reflecting on silence and stillness, attention and focus. A more extended period of meditation: in this environment, at this time, everything is as it is. A closing yoga session to release tension and embody mindfulness. Find peace here and now.

Flow with Music - with Carie Salberg
Guided breath work with warms ups, transitioning into free flowing yoga movements. Periods of guided movements as well as periods of free movement and exploration! I will verbally guide moments of releasing tension/emotion/resistance/ judgement/ and switch to embracing strength, peace, joy, love and gratitude! Ending with continuous om's and Meditation. 

From Root to Crown: An Experiential Journey Through the 7 Chakras - with Jody Kessler
Through asana, breath, sound, and meditation, we will awaken and balance the vital energy centers that comprise the many facets of our being. All levels welcome.

Glitter Goddess Workshop - with Melissa Weiner
Channel your divine feminine power in this glitter goddess workshop. The flow will involve being present, self-care, and self-acceptance.  We will release glitter throughout the class as we flow in a symbolic way.  The vinyasa flow will be creative and grounding, leaving us feeling powerful and connected to the earth.  A fun glittery outfit and glitter is suggested but not required. 

Going Deep - with Carie Salberg
This workshop explores the power of patience and observation.  There will be emotional/mental focus while observing one’s true nature. Taking the time to focus on the pranayama (breath), letting go of the mind. This will lead us into a transition of slow, deep pratapanas (warm ups), fine tuning with patience, connecting with the breath. This will be followed by asanas for deep stretching and focused balance (depending on the ground surface). Ending with a guided meditation. 

Headstands for the Beginner to Advanced Yogi - with Juliette Pellegrino
A Shift in Perspective! Improve your circulation and elevate your sense of well-being through...standing on your head! This is no joke. Inversions can be beneficial to your health as long as they are executed with compassion and respect for your body's needs. Inversions reintroduce us to our inner child and remind us that while yoga is a contemplative endeavor in many ways, the asana practice is also a time to be playful and lighthearted! If you have never practiced Headstands, come to this workshop with goals held lightly - it is not a requirement that you get into a headstand. Rather, come with a sense of fun and adventure! For those with a regular headstand practice, don't worry - challenges will be offered. This workshop requires a partner/spotter, though you do not have to arrive with one. Students will pair up, and in the event of an uneven number of attendees, the instructor will act as a partner. 

Hips & Twists - with Shannon O’Connor
In this all level flow workshop, we will be exploring hip openers & twisting poses with a focus on proper alignment. Hip openers help to release stress & anxiety stored in the pelvic region while increasing flexibility & mobility. Supple hips also can help ease back pain. Spinal twists aid in releasing the trapped energy along the spinal column allowing you to feel more energized. By breathing into the twist, we are also detoxifying the internal organs, improving circulation, calming the mind & soothing the nervous system. This workshop will leave you feeling amazingly vital, grounded, and renewed.

Hula Hoop Basics - with Dena Beratta
This workshop is an introduction to hooping for fun and fitness. The class is geared for beginners, but if you have some experience, feel free to join us and show us your own moves! We'll be blending Hoopnotica Flow ("moves" and dance) with Hoopnotica Fit (cardio and lunges), The workshop will include discussion about how to choose a hoop, warm-ups and detailed instructions for each technique, and some “hoop jam” time—a free period to work on techniques or blending moves together into a personal flow. I’ll have some hoops available for loan or purchase, or bring your own if you have one!

Into the Mystic - with Shannon O’Connor
As mystics on the mat, we will connect mind, body and spirit through this intuitive vinyasa flow session. This multi-level yoga workshop is designed to awaken awareness of the body and mind allowing energy to flow more freely and leave you feeling more centered and tuned in to your inner mystic. We will also be doing a chakra meditation where we will explore the yoga mudras & Bija mantras associated with each of the 7 main chakras and help bring them into balance through meditation.

Is This Seat Taken?  - with Beth-Ann Wise
In Light on Yoga, BKS Iyengar said “From the lowliest of insect to the most perfect sage, there breathes the same universal spirit.” During this workshop, experience how we have an opportunity to connect with this universal spirit each and every time we practice asana or 'take the seat' of the beings and other aspects of nature we share our universe with.  Through consistent practice of shining like the Sun or the Moon, standing tall like a forest of Trees, becoming the mighty Warrior, taking the form of the humble Dog or slithering on our bellies like Cobras, we learn that all beings everywhere deserve to be happy and free.  Expect pranayama to center and chanting to connect to the divine inside each of us.  We will finish with a guided relaxation. 

Let Your Yoga Dance - with Jody Kessler
Let Your Yoga Dance® is a joy-filled fusion of gentle Kripalu yoga and user-friendly dance that is appropriate for all levels of fitness. In this inspiring and uplifting journey through the 7 chakras, or energy centers, we use breath, movement, and eclectic music to explore the multi-dimensional self. You do NOT need any previous yoga or dance experience to participate in this class. You only have to enjoy moving your body to great music from around the world, for fun, exercise, healing, and self-expression. Let Your Yoga Dance® is a total conditioning of body, heart, and soul!

Powered By Opposites (PBO) ABC’s - with Dana Rose DeFrancesco
This is a unique and dynamic approach to understand, familiarize with and work the nervous system. We create an environment where minds are tamed, bodies are built, and nervous systems are tuned. A Nervous System (NS) that cycles between opposites is balanced and can perform at its best. This is when stress is less and energy flows best. The nervous system is now conditioned for excellence. Learn how to efficiently use opposition in poses to create growth, change and comfort. Once conditioned, the nervous system is optimized; we can heal, be resilient and flourish; whether an athlete “going for the gold” or someone wanting a restful restorative sleep.

Salsa Yoga - with Dana Rose DeFrancesco
Combine elements of yoga and salsa to organically tap into the energy of the earth. Connect to, heal and energize your sacral chakra (orange) to release creativity and vibrancy. Learn to move and use the rhythms that lie within the body and environment to minimize stress, restore your system, regain flexibility and find joy. Bring together the rhythms of music, body, earth and soul creating a synchronized harmony that leads to a celebration of life! Fuse the awareness and connection from yoga to the grounded vibrant energy of salsa for a full body workout. This class is done to music without shoes using a yoga mat and is appropriate for all skill levels. 

7 Ways Not to Breathe - with Alexis Pierce
Most of us block ourselves from perfect health by blocking the breath from fully entering the body. In this discussion-based workshop, you’ll discover your unique breathing habits and the ways you’re holding yourself back from feeling happier and healthier. We’ll explore how to correct the 7 main dysfunctional breathing patterns through gentle alignment and breathing practices so you can let your prana flow! Bring a notebook and curious mind.

Shakti Naam Yoga Therapy - with Christopher Grant
The practice of Shakti Naam is virtually unknown to those who practice yoga in the West. It looks and feels different from other forms of yoga and the energy released is felt by most new students within five minutes of its practice. It provides an almost immediate experience of the meditative state as it quickly causes the brain and nervous system to shift. This is far more than just a state of relaxation but rather a physically achieved and supported altered consciousness that has been described by yogis for thousands of years as a state of higher vibration which is responsible for allowing the individual to access their spiritual gifts and revitalize the body. The human brain, regardless of beliefs, is capable of achieving this altered state because it is induced by intrinsic mechanisms that create the platform for this to happen. The class uses a specific series of unique exercises that train the brain and body to more easily experience this optimal state during daily life thus beneficially impacting one’s performance, communication, intelligence and health. 

Strong Abs, Safe Spine - with Alexis Pierce
Harness your body’s natural strength and deepen your awareness of your own anatomy. In this exploration of breath and movement, you’ll discover how to isolate and engage each of your abdominal muscles for ultimate strength and stability. By feeling into the natural curves of your spine, you’ll learn to protect your lower back, safely strengthen while honoring your body’s natural limits, and use the breath to move smoothly and elegantly.

Tones of Yoga - with Adam Barker and Ki-Tun
Yoga brings the tones of our personalities into harmony. Join us in this Bhakti workshop as we flow through our Hatha practice. Sattvic acoustic musical accompaniment will be provided by Ki-Tun. The workshop will move through warming Asanas of the sun and cooling Asanas of the moon while the musical Ragas of Ki-Tun help facilitate healing on all levels. Open to everyone.
Yoga - with Adam Barker
Join Adam for a Hatha practice, similar to “Tones of Yoga,” but without the live music.

Yoga for Better Digestion - with Raya Ioffe
Did you know that between 75-80 % of your immune system resides in or around your digestive tract? Doesn't it make sense to take care of your intestines? Well, a little help is on the way! We are going to stoke the digestive fires (not the reflux kind of fires). We will round out the practice by aiding the body's ability to relax and digest better. Benefits: Improved digestive and immune function, better sleep, balanced brain.
The Yoga of Mantra, Sound and Chanting - with Beth-Ann Wise
How do the vibrations of mantra and sound effect us at a deep level?  Why has reciting mantra been an important aspect of yoga and transcendence for thousands of years?  How can mantra be incorporated into Pranayama to increase relaxation and focus?  This workshop will answer these questions and introduce you to the heart opening deep healing power of chanting ancient mantras.  You will be led through a heart opening yoga asana practice in addition to discussing why sound heals our bodies and minds and opens our hearts.  You will learn a few simple, universal mantras that anyone can recite silently or out loud. Plus you will engage with call and response Kirtan chanting accompanied with live harmonium.  

The Yoga of Nutrition - with Raya Ioffe
There is a great emphasis on food and nutrition in yogic teachings. In this workshop we begin to explore balanced eating philosophy and how it can lead to a healthy, strong and vibrant body and a balanced mind. We will discuss the role of yoga in a self care regimen and how it strengthens and tones the digestive tract. We will discuss how much body healing can begin by healing the digestive tract. Class format is a blend of lecture, practices, and Q & A.

Yoga For Self-Respect - with Rachael Renzi
In my opinion, the first place to start when trying to take better care of yourself is taking the time to learn yourself a bit better. Bringing your awareness to the present moment and how you REALLY FEEL is a great way to go about this. Each day is different outside and inside of you.  Learn your personal range of motion in each place in your body, make connections to how it may be different than it used to be, why, and how to better respect your personal strengths and limitations.
You are: Yoga in the Field -  with Kate Chesebrough
Be good to yourself! A moderate class for many levels of experience. Breath with movement guides as we explore a range of postures to stretch, strengthen, and create space in the body. Self-inquiry with authentic movement cultivates awareness, patience, confidence, acceptance, and resilience—in every posture, at every moment. Relaxation brings quiet throughout. We set the intention to learn from our practice and bring the benefits of yoga into our daily lives. Explore the yoga of life!