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Eco Friendly Festival

What we do:
  • Provide you with a garbage, recycling, and compost sorting station. 
  • We encourage the use of refillable water bottles. Water from the campground's drinking water supply will be available. 
  • We ask our food vendors to use composting, or recyclable food packaging.
  • To the best of our abilities, we are a paperless event. Minimal flyers are printed, programs will be a single sheet, and schedules will be posted on the info boards.    
  • We ask that festival attendees respect the beautiful land we will be using and put no trash on the ground. 
  • We ask that cigarette butts be safely "field stripped" and pocketed. Put no waste on the ground.
  • While we do provide garbage services, we ask that you bring as few "disposable" items as possible.
  • This is an outdoor event, bring your flashlight! We will have power for the stage, and some lighting, but we will work to use as little as possible.