AUGUST 14-17, 2014
Our fifth year! How time passes. The FLYF is an outdoor, rustic, community oriented yoga festival. Come camp with us, sit around the fire with us, share food, fun, and smiles with us. And, most of all, do yoga with us! We can't wait! See you there.  :)
UPDATED: 8/12/14

Workshop Tent #1

2 p.m. Easy, Light and Fun (ELF) Yoga with Christopher Grant 
4 p.m. Into the Mystic with Shannon O’Connor

9 a.m. Yoga for Better Digestion with Raya Ioffe
11 a.m. Glitter Goddess Flow with Melissa Weiner
2 p.m. The Yoga of Mantra, Sound & Chanting with Beth-Ann Wise
4 p.m. Let Your Yoga Dance with Jody Kessler

9 a.m. Headstands with Juliette Pellegrino
11 a.m. From Root to Crown with Jody Kessler
2 p.m. Salsa Yoga with Dana Rose DeFrancesco
4 p.m. Yoga of Nutrition with Raya Ioffe

9 a.m. Tones of Yoga with Adam Barker and Ki-Tun
11 a.m. Strong Abs/Safe Spine with Alexis Pierce
2 p.m. Everything is: Meditation in the Field with Kate Chesebrough

Workshop Tent #2
4 p.m. Is This Seat Taken? with Beth-Ann Wise

9 a.m. Going Deep with Carie Salberg
11 a.m. Hula Hoop Basics with Dena Beratta
2 p.m. Powered by Opposites ABC’s with Dana Rose DeFrancesco
4 p.m. Hips & Twists with Shannon O’Connor

9 a.m. 7 Ways Not to Breathe with Alexis Pierce
11 a.m. Yoga for Self-Respect with Rachael Renzi
2 p.m. Yoga with Adam Barker
4 p.m. You are: Yoga in the Field with Kate Cheseborough

9 a.m. Flow with Music with Carie Salberg
11 a.m. Clearing out the Junk Drawer with Juliette Pellegrino
2 p.m. Shakti Naam Yoga Therapy with Christopher Grant

This festival is a "Huckleberry" Mathew Ingles Production